Hi. I’m thirteen years old, and I might have depression. I went to the doctors for a well visit about a week ago and my mom had some concerns. She described my symptoms to the doctor. The doctor said, “Well, that sounds like depression.” Cue my shocked expression and my mother’s somber one. Now, I’ve always thought there was something wrong with me. Not in a “Oh I hate myself and want to die” sort of wrong. Just a nagging feeling that there was something amiss, physically or mentally. And when, about a month ago, my mom took me to get blood work to test for thyroid disease, I thought I had finally found the thing Wrong. My mom had it, my sister had it, and I seemed to show all the symptoms for it. Until the test came back negative, that is. And when the doctor suggested that, I honestly doubted it. I never would have thought that i could have depression. I figured it was anxiety, though to be fair, I didn’t, and still don’t, fully understand anxiety, or depression for that matter. But lo and behold, when my mother and I looked up the symptoms in the car after the appointment, I appeared to have all but one or two. And wow, that kind of felt like a relief. I might have finally found the Wrong in my life. And I might finally get the proper help for it. My mom and I had a long talk about what this might mean and i found out that she, my sister, and my grandma all have depression. And it’s genetic. So i joined this, in hopes to better understand myself and this mental illness I probably have.(The chances appear to be very high) So I hope to make lots of new friends and better understand this illness that is Depression.



  1. delane1 5 years ago

    depressioncuddles, welcome to the tribe. i think it’s helpful that you’re searching for information for yourself, trying to understand what might be going on in your own life. i really hope you can find some helpful answers and suggestions, along the way, as well as make some really genuine friends. ***hugs***

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  2. cajejb1998 5 years ago

    hey, depressioncuddles–I think it’s great that you’re addressing this at your age–I really wish I had done the same when I was your age because I can remember feeling the exact same way. Sounds like you have a very supportive mother and family and you must remember to take comfort in that because not everyone understands what this struggle is like. Good luck to you!

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