So my recent post was really dreary and depressing. So I thought that I would write on that wasn't so… Blah… Because despite some of the bad thought my brain has been having, good things have happened!

So everyone her in Indiana basically got a three week winter vacation because of the big storm that happened. I really don't know whether that is good or bad though because we are going to have to make it up at the end of the year plus everyone really wants to go back to school. That last week was killer mainly because no one had anything to do. I mean we couldn't make plans because there always was a possibility that there would be school. So we just had to stay home and be bored. I got so bored I spent and hour, maybe two, setting up my moms sewing machine. That was pretty intense… Lol. I tried doing it with the manual but that didn't world out so I ended up giving in and looked it up on YouTube. After that it took me like 20 Minute and I felt pretty stupid.

So I got a lot of things for Christmas. Which is good. My most prized possession is my tablet! I'm on here like 247 but that mainly because there is nothing else to do. Except right now when I should be doing the dishes. Lol. Anyways, I don't want to go I to all that I got because I feel spoiled with everything I got. Because I literally got everything I wanted (but masking tape… Lol). Which really wasn't a lot but! Still! I feel like my mom spent way too much money this Christmas but its no where near what her boyfriend spent on his kids. Damn those kids are spoiled. But so am I! I was actually quite surprised I got a tablet. I wrote laptop on my list but its was purely meant as a joke. I did not believe that she would actually give me something like that! But I'm glad she did because I really did need something. I hate having to wait for mom to get the computer specially when I have homework that I need to do. Because then I only have an hour or so on the computer and most of my homework takes longer than that… That's the perks of being a junior in all AP classes (all but math… Grrr) plus I downloaded a dictionary app! Our dictionary is from the stone age so I really needed that because my Ap English teacher gives us words that with appear on the Ap test at the end of the year, kind of like our vocab words of the day. And yes I do mean words. We got like three maybe four words a day. But we have to define them and our old dictionary never had our words! It made me mad because I couldn't do this simple English homework until I got the computer! It was annoying!

Anyways I'm probably boring you all, that is if you are reading it… I stopped being my devoted DT member and I don't know why. I mean, it was helping. Even if nothing happened it was good to just come on here and type what I was thinking or what boring thing I did. Its like my diary but this time my mom can't get to it! Even if she did find this website, she doesn't know my name or anything. So! Yep! Unless she read all of my blogs and manage to put it together?.. But that's like one in a million. How I didn't jinx myself! I just knocked on some wood, it's okay now! Lol! So I'm leaving now because I really should do the dishes! Soooo bye!


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