Well, we have been nursing the idea we should "talk" soon. Last night, (after I took my evening medication and was feeling loopy) she comes out to the living room (she always goes to bed while i medicate my insomnia) She says "i can't sleep, why don't you come in to the bedroom. So i smile warmly and sweetly say "awww do you need some snuggling time with me", "nooooo not snuggling," she replies. Ahhhh I'm thinking, okay,,, I get it. She wants my body. hee hee. So I jump up and follow her into the bedroom. She lays down in the dark. I approach the bed. Suddenly i hear from the darkness, I want to ask you a favor.

I freeze, sensing a trap I study the terrain. "wait" I say. Then everything happened in slow motion. I turn to run but the waves of sound brush over my neck making the very hair stand on end. I can't scream, I can't run. I am caught in the web of her request. I am reminded of one of those bears being relocated on television. Confused, trapped, groggy. I even try to melt into the floor and wiggle toward the door. Smiling into the darkness as if the gesture will help me to escape notice. Strange 70's music echoing the Marjuana warning videos they used to show in school rang in my ears making me dizzy. Then slowly the cloak of her statement fell upon me. The sounds formed words. The words arranged together to have meaning. "Tell me what you like about me". Oh is that all?

Relief, I jumped into bed pulled her close and began to itemize the ways I like her. I started with physical attributes, moved to the things I love about how she interacts with the world and finished with the attributes that are unique to her. She stopped me right there.

For a year my time (perhaps 3 min hers) she rehashed a fight we had some weeks ago and tried to get me to recant my position. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I finally agreed we need to talk, promising we can talk today. The darkness held no more love for me. I waited silently, afraid to breath, waiting, waiting. Then like a thud into my chest she curtly says "Good Night." My irritation was overwhelmed by the shock that I was already up on my feet waving her good tidings from the light of the doorway. I decided not to say another fucking word. Went into the living room and finished my ritual.

Whew, I escaped with my life.

Crap, it's tomorrow.

  1. perrinnn 10 years ago


    Wiz, I think most guys will agree with you.

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  2. ms83poz 10 years ago

    A surprise to read indeed. I remember those conversations like they were yesterday. Only difference is,  that I don't ball my eyes out ( like I used to ). It were those times that definately needed thought before speaking.  I've always had a tendency to speak before thinking. I adored her in every way.

    Unfortunately, a woman has a tendancy to over analyze your feelings. Personally, I've always envied a woman's ability to identify their EVERY little feeling ( & why they're having such feelings).  I miss those times.

    GET HELP WITH SLEEP friend & thanks for this post

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  3. perrinnn 10 years ago

    MOON!!!!! OMFGROFLMAO I love that clip!!!!

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  4. perrinnn 10 years ago

    Wiz, im glad you see women as more than just HOOTERS. (nothing against hooters). Gotta love those hooters…. hmmm hooters….. what was I saying?… oh yea, its up to us men to … hooters…. hmmm… uh up to us men to rise above the Neanderthals, to uh…… hooooo..terrrrs… to become the next stage of evolution. 🙂

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  5. perrinnn 10 years ago


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