Today i searched on the web and came across this tribe, for the life of me i pray i get through this. for the past 13 years of my life i have been living in shame and scared to tell people of my status. am a mother of two beautiful daughters which unfortunatley my eldset is living with the disease a well. i had to open up to her and tell her the reason she is taking her medication. i have been fighting this battle and am fighting for her. to hear her tell me that we will fight together made me realise i have more than one day to live, i have a life time ahead of me. People judge and talk all sorts of stories when they hear that you or someone is living with this disease and that makes it so far worse to talk openly about it. My family have been so supportive and mr partner is God sent. I pray every night to God an dthank him for living my best life even though i cry i know that the meds help me to see my kids grow, i Love my virus, Funny i know. it has taught me the value of life….


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