Already off to a bad start this morning.

Though…parents fought only for a little while this morning…their on 'ok' terms for the moment though…

How long that'll last I have no idea though.

I don't want anything to do with him though, Like I said in my last entry…He doesn't want to deal with me or my problems,

so I'll make sure he doesn't have to…yet, He still acts like nothing it wrong.

and he even keeps bugging me to help him with his 'sock' every-fucking-morning (it's a long story) but this morning,

I just couldn't…I didn't have it in me to even have 'human' contact, so mom helped him.

Anyway, Very anxious about having to deal with the GYN for a second time this week, I'm trying to calm down by being with m doggies (Snowball and Spicegirl) …

Trying not to think about it for the moment.

Because if I do, It might trigger another cutting session…so like I said, just cuddling in bed with my doggies…I love them so much…

Yet, my dad finds it weird how much I love them. To him, their just 'dogs'…WTF?…

.he just doesn't understand, y'know what I mean?

Well, I'll let you know how the rest of today goes later…my appointment is at 11:15am…Wish me luck…

I just feel like everything is going to go wrong like normal, for once I wish it didn't.

Hope the rest of the tribe is having a good-or atleast a better- morning…'see' you soon I guess..


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