Isn’t it mind boggling to know that we (us on this site) are able to overanalyze things beyond a typical person? I mean think about it, have you ever found yourself thinking both rational and irrationally?

These past few weeks have been reminders that I’m not a typical person even though I try to fit it. I’ve heard many people tell me that I think of these off-the-wall answers or topics to things that makes people either laugh of return a puzzled look. I know what I do and say is because I think out-loud but maybe I am different because of anxieties. I do, however, give people the benefit of the doubt because I have compassion when others don’t. At this point I find myself thinking aloud but within these typed words so do forgive me if it doesn’t make sense ;o)

After reading a post of a friend on here I thought about how unlucky we are to have anxieties. I also think of how lucky we are to be super-compassionate towards others needs. It’s truly amazing how each of us are strangers and how we would do our best to help each other out by words of encouragement, sympathy, or just a “hello” to let one another know we are thinking about them. I don’t find that to be anywhere else except on sites that encompasses individuals with life struggles such as our own.

Have you ever wondered how total strangers speak words of encouragement, share a tear, or pass a smile to one another when they are fighters or survivors of things such as cancers and body debilitating deceases? I know I have. I feel we are all of the same spirit when it comes to having something in common with one another. Just today, I was in the backseat of my friend’s car when the passenger was somewhat upset that a driver of a SUV was in the middle of our lane. At first and last thought, I figured she was confused or a bit anxious about finding a parking space but the passenger thought otherwise. I didn’t really care and felt the need to be compassionate but the person in front of me went off to a different direction. People like the one within my friend’s car can rub others, like us, the wrong way and provoke anxieties.

I’ve thought about anxieties as being a body reflex such as crying. For example, when people suffer in our world, or when we watch a sad movie, we tend to cry as a natural stimulant of feeling sad. I believe that my own anxiety feeling is due in part to others around me being in moods of other than “happy” so it gets me roused-up. I hope that that makes sense!

Well enough of my rambling. Thanks for reading and sharing in my thoughts. Hope everyone out there like me is doing okay.

  1. Vendela 11 years ago

    I give people the benefit of the doubt as well and it usually ends up with me looking like an idiot. I over analyze things more than any other human being i\'ve ever come across lol sometimes I can laugh at it, but when I\'m upset over something it feels as if there\'s no way out. I feel like my world is collapsing over something that someone else may have never thought twice about. Our brains are just wired differently. I also think that most people with anxiety tend to be very sensitive (I am) and this can add to the stress of things.

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  2. morethanthis 11 years ago

    It is a blessing and a curse…

    Over the years I have learned not to over analyse so much but sometimes I cant help it…especially when I\'m stressed. Eventually, I come to logic and reason or I just simply tell my self to stop and think of something else.

    I agree, we are so lucky to be able to download here about anything without feeling judged. It is a great way to vent without having any repercussions. I am so glad I found this site, the site and the people on it have helped me so much.

    I\'m doing ok, things have been stressful but everything is coming together.

    Take care.

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  3. twthoma1 11 years ago

    I like your comments. I am struggling with so many things but its good to see that lots of us do think and act and feel alike – so I hope soon I can be doing okay – TT

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  4. kelley 11 years ago

    I understand perfectly. It sounds to me like you\'ve embraced your anxiety ( which is something I\'ve finally after 9 yrs learned to do ) and accepted that it is a part of you and what makes you unique. I feel that people who\'ve struggled the way that we had tend to be more sensitive to others, are able to empathize and are generally more caring. Like you were saying about others influencing your mood and triggering anxiety, I witness that within myself on a daily basis. I have 2 teenage boys, who like most teenagers, are opinionated beyond reason, test their boundries at every turn and are hormonal beyond control. I find myself praying they will have a good day so that in turn when they get home, they will be in a good mood and I can have a good day. This does not happen often and I find myself overly anxious in the evening most of the time. while my boys are aware of my conditions, like most teenagers, they think their problems are larger than life and only their problems matter. Their behavior is one of my biggest triggers. One day at a time I guess. Stay strong!

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  5. Qnstph2011 11 years ago

    Everything you typed makes sense! šŸ™‚

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  6. irvineguy 11 years ago

    @ Sarah_Marie
    You're right about people being sensitive such as folks like us ;o) It's okay, it goes with the territory. I tend to think that being sensitive, or at least compassionate, is way better than being mean.

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  7. irvineguy 11 years ago

    @ morethanthis

    I smiled when I read your thoughts on, “I just simply tell myself to stop and think of something else.” That is very true and I think we tend to hold that saying closer to heart and mind since it really does help us vs. others not in our position.

    Glad to hear all is well. Have any plans for this weekend?


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  8. irvineguy 11 years ago

    Hi! Nice to meet you and thanks for the thoughts on the post! Hope you meet some nice people here

    Yes, it is nice to hear of people that can relate to each other. Hopefully there will be a day when we don't know what we are even talking about (no anxieties anymore) ;o)

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  9. GabZ 11 years ago

    I TOTALLY understand what you mean!!

    I thought I might be the only one around who was thinking that we are actually reflecting other people's moods or auras! Sometimes I do feel as if the pain or sickness that I have is the result of me feeling other people's pain or “taking on” their sickness even if they are in a different continent [I wonder about this more when I have no explanation for what I'm feeling].

    I understand what you mean by thinking that its a blessing and a curse. Sometimes on this site I feel like everyone tends to focus on the negative side of it, which is absolutely fine, but is rather sad and depressing. I think only sensitive and compassionate people will have things like anxiety disorder because the world around us is just crazy!

    Glad to know that at least someone else out there is thinking like this!! =)

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    • littlewing 11 months ago

      I agree with what you said about people focus on the negative glad we know other people are on here venting and healing. <3

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  10. littlewing 11 months ago

    I agree, Sometimes when I am online I go to the blogs and I read over some peoples thoughts. When I find one that I feel a strong connect with I comment. I don’t normally message because I always find it uncomfortable too reach out that way. If that makes sense.

    For some reason when I was reading your blog I felt as if it was something I would say. i always think about how other around me are or how compassionate I am. I realize that my compassion builds up people. Its kind of my lights that I bring to this world despite my anxiety and other annoying habits I have. I mean a lot of the times when I protect myself I end up hurting others but when I’m not protecting myself I help others.

    I joined this web site randomly over a year and half ago. I use to keep a journal and write my thoughts down that way. It was my filter to managing my emotions and getting out my raw thoughts when I was struggling. That was until my ex boyfriend start reading them and using them against me asking me questions that I wasn’t comfortable talking about with him. Some of the things I wrote about were way before him. It was old hurt, old love, old fears, old problems and more. I would keep them and look back on them to remind myself of everything I had over come. Now that i found this website I’m able to talk about my things freely with the safety of being anonymous. Without worrying that the people in my life are going to insert their own opinions. I like the feed back I get also.

    Seeing your post made me happy because we think very much alike. And I hope to see more of your thoughts.


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