hi i need to get this lil story of my life out in the open.

the drs in the er confirmed with a catscan then n ultrasouond that i have a cancerious tumor in my liver. tomarrow i go to my primary care dr to discuss my options. i am nusualy mellow and a wee bit sad.

i can not face this wth out my family and friends that icludes DT i need your loyalty empthy and humor tlc and compassion i am asking for some support. i am able to be here for anyone who asks in any way i can i set up skype incase typing gets t be too much thanks to all who have already been

there 4 me i tried it with out narcotics as of august when i had to take a breather from them morphine s potant medicine skull cap white willow workes n i stuc to that for a few months in decoctions.

i have other health things like adrenal tumors and cushings wont go off on a whos to blame tangent that will only bring negitivity and i cannot survive and eventualy thrive. i love dt and many people in it you stood by me when i had those 7 heart issues well i dont know wht to say not looking for sympathy prehaps some positive healing compassionate tlc and love not much more to say did tae a nap today the weather s sublime thank you all n advanced love u peeps maybe we dont always like eachothers behaviors but there is much more to a person then behaviors they are most likely afraid of some one thing or place when behaviors get questionable that ato say in a mean unsupportive way lets life eachother up from the hole of mental illness out of depression into the light its not hard to row a boat when you have so many people rowing it together thanks for listening blessings to you all all my relations ho

  1. fishman999 8 years ago

     moonwolfeagle ime sorry to here all your problems you have and i would like to say ime allways here with my support i now i can only message ore chatt but my self if i have problems and i come on DT and talk abt it and it makes me feel beter yust knowing that i have told ppl and i just feel i little beter so my friend ime allways here and i will always reply and support you gud look for tomorrow.


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  2. sadviolinist 8 years ago


    Andrea ~ I love you with all my heart and will support you all the way through this.  I know I'm bad about answering the phone but I'll try to be better about it hon.  I can understand feeling tired and sad; you've been fighting a lot of battles my friend.  I'm glad you shared this with us.  We can lift you up in prayer and love together as a tribe.  DT has been a lifesaver to me, as has your friendship.  Whatever you need from me I'll do if I can.  (((((((((HUGS))))))))))

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  3. ancientgeekcrone 8 years ago

    I am sending you prayers.

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