I just realized it’s exactly 2 months since I joined Therapy Tribe. Time flies, it’s already March.

I had so much fun last night at the choral concert and we get to do it again tonight. Joining the choral is a definite illustration of what some would call “Head VS Heart” (a dichotomy I don’t have much fondness for but oh well) because my Head said “You’re already so busy, can you commit to yet another thing?” while my Heart said “This looks fun! I want in!” Over the past 2 months there were definitely times I regretted joining but thankfully last night made it all worth it.

And before anyone jumps in with some variation of “Always listen to your Heart” I will say I have had experiences when following my Heart led to disastrous results. I dislike the “Head VS Heart” dichotomy for this very reason – it presumes 1 is superior when in reality neither are complete without the other. The Head is very logical but selfish. The Heart is gratifying but stupid. There’s a reason both inhabit 1 body, they ought to work together.

While I’m no expert in the matter, I am drawn towards the Chinese philosophy of “Conscious and Unconscious”. Conscious is everything, Head and Heart, that we are aware of: the facts, understanding, emotions etc… Unconscious is that which we are not aware of and this makes it a bit tricky – how can we be aware of something that we are not aware of? I believe this expresses itself in the “gut feeling” we occasionally get. It’s a combined effort of both Head and Heart trying to communicate something to us that we can’t quite understand.

Integration of Head and Heart would do away with the Head VS Heart conflict. It would grant both access to resources the other has. The Head can plan. The Heart can be passionate. But real Vision requires both.


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