I’m quite peeved…and a bit angry this morning.  It’s been building for a while.  I’m really sick of driving.  I don’t know why anyone would willingly WANT to drive at this point. Everyday something happens…someone cuts me off…there’s a huge accident on my way in causing traffic delays and people absolutely loose their heads when there is an accident on the side of the freeway. Everyones looking to see what happened, everyones cutting the other off only making it easier for yet ANOTHER accident to happen. Today when I was 500 feet from my work parking lot this guy in a truck blatently pulls out in front of me and stops….letting out some random car that technically he shouldn’t have … he should have (if he was GOING to pull out in front of me) just gone, not almost cause a wreck with me. It almost seems like its getting worse, this last week to week and a half has been extraordinarily more chaotic and stupid. I leave about a car length in front of me so I don’t cause an accident. The way people slam on their brakes I really don’t wanna get into a fender bender. But because I don’t ride the ass of the person in front of me I get cut off every 2 minutes. So all that on top of the fact that I almost got killed by a semi truck less then 4 weeks ago is making me seriously consider never driving. I wish it were that simple. Unfortunately Phoenix is set up so that you can’t really go anywhere with out needing transportation. Our public system is a joke to say the least.

Anyways, rant rant rant..whine whine whine. I know 😉 But I’m seriously fed up!

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  1. toastee 14 years ago

    I feel the same about people who go to Wal-Mart…didja notice how they all drive british while shopping? (What are you doing on this side of the aisle, you are going the wrong way and holding everyone up!)

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