Anxiety is a never ending battle that got worse for me over the last few years. My fiancé left, and I'm no longer a step parent to two boys who don't have much in life, my doctor wasn't helpful when I was experiencing something that is still unknown, the fibro gets worse, and I was doing well in a 4wk outpatient program until the psychiatrist who barely sees the patients decided I needed to try life without clonazopam, he missed my following appointments, then signed me out of the program claiming he wasn't my doctor anymore and couldn't write me a script even for my dailies. I took them less often than my doctor said, I tried every program my doctor suggested, and I wound up worse of for it. My luck has remained the same, and I'm now battling a demodex infestation.

I was diagnosed with impetigo mid January, and spent two and half months thinking I might be super contagious, which isn't worth testing and risking anyone else getting it. After that much time and some research it was clear that this was not simply impetigo. My skin has been excreting something that took me a couple wks of intense internet researching to confidently identify. Western medicine is only researching it now. I don't have the time or energy to type much more, but pls, if you can, there's more about it on my gofundme page, I need help. I made progress, but am running out of resources, and have tried resource in town. Please…. I don't know what else to do. If I stop it gets worse again. I've been treating my skin and working on it for over 2 now, and .i don't get breaks yet. I can't do this without help.


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