So I had a nightmare last night. Actually I don’t know if you’d call it a nightmare, maybe just a bad dream.

I was travelling into town, I went into a shop and my best friends brother was there. He seen me and came over and stuck a gun onto my back. He said that if i didn’t give him all the money I have he would shoot me. I started crying and gove him my wallet. He then left, before the left the room he said that he was going to come back and shoot me if i say anything to anyone about what he did. I started walking out of the shop, and he came back. He took the gun and sat it on my forehead. I started crying again and begging him to let me go. Then he started to try and rape me. I was begging over and over, screaming at him to stop, then he took the gun and sat it on my knee and shot.

At this point I woke up. I had a panic attack. the dream was so vivid. So real. I was hyperventilating, and crying, and just to top it off my knee what hurting alot too. Wierd conicidence. It took me about 30mins before I calmed down, an hour before I got back to sleep.

Anyway.. there has only every been one other dream that got me so worked up that when I woke up I have a panic attack and start crying, and that was a dream where I had cancer and was going around telling everyone that I was going to die in a weeks time.

Should dreams get me so worked up? It scared me so much.


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