I'm so fed up with my parents. My mother is the most passive person. My dad is more selfish and short-tempered. No wonder I'm passive, my sister is selfish, and my brother is short-tempered. Oh it's not that bad. It's just been a bad day. But I don't appreciate his parenting skills because I don't think he has any. My mom does everything around the house and my dad does work full-time, he's a lanscaper. But it's been this way for thirty years.

My mom works. She deals with everything that has to do with the kids, always has. My father "go ask your mother." It's like he doesn't want to be bothered unless its something easy like needing money or a ride. He doesn't take an interest in his children's lives. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about us.

My family life is a joke. I'm going to be 25 soon and I'm still at home. I have never wanted more than ever to start saving up money to move out. I don't have money saved because I've been so behind in debt. I got a raise at work and a little bonus and I'm not going back to school. I don't fucking want to.

He yelled at my little brother and told him he's taking karate away from him. My brother does have an attitude, but he's a good kid. He just never had consequences and then one day my dad blows and he wonders why he child talks to him like he does. And then he was whining to my mom about making him going shopping. Normally my father isn't this bad, but I went down to try and keep things calm. If he copped an attitude with me, I would have said something, especially about my little brother.

I was telling him I wanted to volunteer at animal shelter. He said how about volunteering to pay some bills! Oh my god. He's like don't you have enough going on in school and work…I'm like I'm not going back to school. I already got my undegrad degree, this was only a certificate program that I was paying for myself. And I'll go back when I'm ready and I'll probably find another place.

So my plan is to continue with my current plans of work, volunteer work, my meet-up groups and paying off my debt so I can save some money. I'm going to get myself the gym at night and work off some this steam. After the holidays of course.


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