\"\"OK, everybody!!!  BLOG-TRUCE???  LOL!  I hope by now EVERYONE can identify what was happening.  There was a bit of misinterpretation and it was then blown out of proportion.  Here are a few things to consider:

1.  We all have some mental \\\\"issues\\\\" to deal with which often include such things as anxiety \"\", lack of self-esteem\"\", panic \"\", worry \"\", paranoia\"\",persecution complex,\"\"and over-active minds \"\" to name a few.  (You CAN ID, right?)

2.  We all have \\\\"above average intelligence.\"\"\\\\" (Just GO with me here!\"\")

3.  We are all seeking support, understanding, and even friendship.\"\"

OK that is sufficient to make my point.  To all of those who were directly \\\\"involved\\\\" in this so-called \\\\"blog-war\\\\"– are there ANY of you who TRULY thought it was a war, or was it just a quirky competitive little thing to blow off steam and a way of teasing each other when you came on the site?  Frankly, I got to the point where i was kinda anxious to see what would be said next, b/c I interpreted it as a friendly game.  Some of us are very sarcastic, some very playful,  some very worrisome, and some very sad.  I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t think there were ANY parties involved who intended to hurt/insult anyone in ANY way.  It was simply one of the things that we do to \\\\"de-stress!\\\\" (not DIStress!) So- take a breath, guys.  Everything is COOL! \"\"

If you\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ve got more comments/complaints/worries about the \\\\"BLOG WAR\\\\": that has just ENDED- log them here, OK?  That way we can truly END it for everyone.  No more blog wars going forward, eh?\"\"  (JK- Jonathan!!  🙂  )

I\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m rather fond of all of the soldiers fighting in this war and I hope each of them can take the time to \\\\"get to know\\\\" what the others are like!  You are ALL great  people and I\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m glad to have gotten to \\\\"know\\\\" you.


Waving the white flag for the tribe,\"\"


Woob!  (Just can\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t say it only once….)

P.S.  After seeing this blog as posted, I had to make one further comment… check out the 5 faces above… I can\’t help but see them as Troubleguyette, Jonathan, Grime, thymeoperator, and Sam!  LOL!!  Who know what goes on in MY mind!!   \"\"


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