i am kinda pissed…i wrote a funny story blog earlier today to try and lighten everyones mood  and come to find it is missing along w the comments…..know wht cause ther where "hostile"  blogs deleted and mine must of been mixed up in all of it….i will write it again when i have the time but what the frig….i have nothing to do wuth anything neg here yet i manage to get sucked down!!!!aggrivating to say the least…whatever i know the moderater probably did it by accident when deleting others but should that really be nessesary????   i am disappointed cause my goal here was to grow stronger and it really stinks now…i guess in all conflicts there is casualties but i seriuosly have nothing to do with anything and i am really not interrested…i have problems and triggers and issues that is why i am here i definatliy don’t have the brain powers to worry about anything else…i wish whatever the deal is would resolve it self cause i was excited to share my story and looked forward to any comments…yes i have a lot of other things in my life that make me happy but  this is the first social networking site i have ever been part of  and i get excited to interact w people  who are new  and interesting and who don’t just know me as "suezy homemaker"  but a person…one who had a funny story to tell  but it is never the same the second time…it lost its humor…drama sucked the funny out of my funny….o well i will live…i am not whining i am asking that what ever it is that goes on   between who ever  please  try not to make it effect the rest of us  Thanks

  1. buffster 14 years ago

    \..I am sorry to hear you were caught up in the fallout of events onsite earlier..rest assure that biligerant parties have been delt with accordingly..please repost your blog hun..we could use the light-heartedness now..\

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  2. hancey 14 years ago

    Sorry that you got caught up in whatever the problem was.  I enjoyed the post earlier. I have always maintained that if people can keep their sense of humor about all this stuff, then those thoughts and fears lose all their power.  Personally, I enjoyed the thought of homemaker’s crack running back into the house too afraid to pull up your pants.  If you can laugh at the thoughts, then you have beaten this thing.  Keep it up (the humor, not necessarily your pants).

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