this will be the last "numbered" entry, as I see no point in "numbering" them…( I have enough OCD activity going on without that, NO?)

Well, here it is, Wednesday morning, and I have been at things here for a bit, trying to "fix" the problem with not being able to read my blogs, etc.

I have ended up ditching my original background behind my page, which makes me a little sad, but it was just to "artsy-fartsy artistic" to work well with any color of type that I used for the blog copy, so, KISS (keep it simple stupid) dictated a whole new background, much more subdued and atonal, thus allowing body copy to be more easily read.

SO, folks, you now should be able to readily read my blogs either on my page itself, or in the general "blogs" window without any problem. I have chosen orange for a color, which shows well on my page, and also can be read on the white background on the general blog window. I also changed the typeface to a simple one, and made it boldface, which also clarifies it some, plus I made it a larger point size, as well.


I have a good feeling that today will be a very positive day for me, and God knows I sure can use one! I woke up early, and have stayed up, had breakfast, come on here and changed my page, done my email, and some other things as well. I have some errands to take care of this morning, which are all "lined up" to do, and then I have my therapist this afternoon…I cannot wait to talk with her about the things I have done, and found out this week (about OCD), and thought about, etc.  Everybody I have talked to on here is just SO supportive, friendly, and helpful etc. So, I want to say "THANK YOU!" here to everyone.

I, further, seem to be making more "headway" in planning on just how I am going to get my place cleared away from under the clutter of boxes (since March) when I moved in here, and get things out of the boxes and up onto shelves, etc., clearing the floor up greatly….which I will certainly appreciate, and my two cats desperately need, in order to get around, etc. The poor little guys are so cramped that they have no spaces that they can get off to by themselves, etc. and I know they need that.

It looks like progress is on the horizon…I am about ready to make a "monumental" decision! …..To get rid of one of my two sets of dishes! I have my corelle wear which I use every day, and then I have a large set of Phaltzgraph (sp?) that I bought about 6 years ago that I have NEVER used once! The decision is this…keep the white corelle, which looks well, and is greatly serviceable for everyday and looks ok for good….OR….scrap that, and FINALLY use my GOOD ones, everyday and for good, and get the use of them. If NOT, then I would hope that maybe I could find someone who would like to buy them from me, so that the hundreds of dollars I spent for them will not be totally "lost"….

That said, I also have been making "space" in the kitchen to keep my pots and pans, and serving ware, by "smartly" putting 2×10's across my kitchen on both ends of the upper cabinets, creating rails/shelves to sit occasionally used pots, tureens, etc., and the like, plus I have put a small florescent tube light on each one, giving me more light in the kitchen to work by! I am thinking of perhaps adding a few hooks, and hanging some stuff that I use frequently, but could easily get down because I could reach up for it without a stool. My apartment is SO small, and I have so much/many things that I am not ready to give up yet….I HAVE downsized greatly, and HAVE made some MAJOR decisions, including giving up my art and paintings, etc., in order to use the wall space for my cds, books, and dvds….I saved two places to hang things, and I will rotate what is displayed there every few months, so I can still "see" some of my paintings, prints, etc.

SO, for now, this is how the day is shaping up…Wish me luck in "getting a lot taken care of, organized, and also A GREAT WORTHWHILE SESSION with my doc. this afternoon!"

Bye for now….



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