This is no simple issue but nor does it have too be a difficult one either.  Love for me is something that goes unrecognized at all moments in time.  I say this because I personally think love is all we really truly are and anything else is the Illusion we have set before us.  I believe there is a need for some kind of healing/lesson in my life;  And so my negative spirit sets about to put into motion all that will provide a particular healing/lesson for my ultimate release back into the reality of Peace, Joy, and Love.  I know, I know, "a bunch of bullsht…go smoke another bowl hippie boy"………

Well not so fast.  and perhaps more to the point of the Blog.

I believe when I am experiencing anything outside of the realm of Peace, Love, and Joy, I am experiecing a degree of sleepiness or nightmare.  The more Peace, Love, and Joy in my experience, the more awake I am too what Love truly is, (what I truly am);  Conversely the less Peace, Love and Joy I am experiecing, the more I am dreaming up a nightmare for myself (the illusionary self).  Science has proven that our Minds are more powerful than we may ever know.  As well, our Mind was provided with the power of Choice as too what we want too fill it up with. 

Our collective Minds have dreamt up this world with Wars, Poverty, and Depression, a real nightmare.  We have always held the collective Will too choose again what our dream is too be about and too perhaps wake ourselves up too our Reality of Love, Peace, and Joy.

So, I simpy measure what love is, based on the amount of that Love, Peace, and Joy that is present in my life at anyone one given point in time.  Always checking in with myself about the amount of joy peace, ease, lightness, of energy I am feeling, I am then able to assess what the Love level is I am experiencing. 

Today, I am aware I am dreaming a dream, whereby my experience of love is much higher than it has ever been.  This is because I have become aware of this amazing power of the mind and see now how I am the controller of the dream.  However, just because I now see myself as aware I am dreaming, this doesn’t mean I am going to be able to Wake up suddenly to my reality (although I’ve heard this does happen even if for just a short moment for some).  No, I have dreamt myself up a really tough dream, one which is a real nightmare at times.  It takes a vigilance at times too always keep myself aware I am dreaming and too realize my awakening probably depends on me removing the blocks to Loves presence at any moment I am provided.

Love is always present and so what is it I am choosing to see?  Well, for me, my love experience is far from perfect but it is getting better and better every day.  Sometimes you have too look really hard for the love.  Most of the time, if I look hard enough, I find that the Love is Me, all covered up with a thick coating of hate.  A hate, I have dreamt myself too be.  I wanna wake up completely to my reality of Love,Peace and Joy.  So I remain aware that in any given moment I am free too choose again how I am going too se a situation.

I choose too see Depression Tribe as a community filled with Love.  A community of people just aching to be the love and give the love.  Together we can create a new reality, a brighter dream, and a reawakening too our true self.

Extending the Love, Peace, and Joy too all at DT.




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