January ~ John met Euros & Megan Childs & their father.  Euros gave him a promo copy of Chops & signed it [Megan did, too!]!  John mailed the cd to me with a newspaper clipping of the cd!  Mark visited from England & we had a very nice time in San Francisco.  He brought lots of Welsh cookbooks for me!!  Troy, the girls & I were ill.  I started the GLJ myspace page.  I started craving chicken.

Sean & Sheryl's baby Chloe died at 7 weeks old πŸ™ 

February ~ I began crocheting, and knitting with looms.  Money drama with MIL began.  We put ourselves on a budget.   

March ~ Gave up coffee yet again.  I talked to James Stevenson on the phone!  Started the Crown Financial course.  Franky turned 4!  James called me, and I wasn't home, I was a Franky's bday party.

Jezebel died at 18 years old πŸ™ 

I signed up for Elizabeth Davis' Heart & Hands midwifery course.  Trisina invited me to attend her 4th child's birth πŸ™‚ 

April ~ Started the midwifery course & was moved to tears at each class.  Gave & received pelvic exams.  Found out that my anemia had returned.  A mallard couple visited us 2 or 3 days in a row πŸ™‚  I had the absolute honour & pleasure of palpating unborn babies & listening to their heartbeats!!  That was so awesome.  Precious!!

May ~ Went to L.A. for 5 days.  Dean turned 1!  I had to drop out of my midwifery course, halfway through πŸ™  I was ill again.  Cecilia's baby didn't turn & she had to have a c~section.  Troy got a HUGE paycheck!  So he really spoiled me on Mother's Day.  AND we bought an iMac!!  MIL money drama.  GZM broke up πŸ™  Had lots of visions this month, many of them were disturbing.  Completed the Crown class.

June ~ Had a really sweet dream about Chris Eff.  Heard from Benjamin after 10 months of silence.  He told me that he's moving to Oz in December.  Started James Stevenson's mypsace page.  I had intense cravings for chicken.  Jay announced his myspace page.  The neighbor's kid threw a rock at Chloe's forehead which caused massive bleeding!  Troy & I went to San Francisco to have dinner with Tamara & Jared.  I thought I was going to die due to the high Summer temps.  Started thinking of moving back to Denver.  Heard from 2 women I never thought I'd be friends with again.  Troy & I started Total Body Makeover.  At the end of the month, I felt that big changes were coming up.  I dreamed that I gave birth naturally, to a baby boy.  Troy turned 36!

July ~ Started studying midwifery again, this time from home.  MIL money drama again.  Michael Aston posted a very nasty blog about Gene Loves Jezebel.  Isabellah turned 4!  Saw Dead Man's Chest.  My sister asked if she & my nephews could move in.  I gave in to my chicken cravings.  The a/c broke on the hottest day of the month.  Talked to Benjamin again.  Moving to Denver seemed like it was really going to happen.  Cancelled cable tv.

August ~ Nana fell & broke her hip & bent the rod in her thigh.  Mom was hospitalised for chest pains.  Quit the Total Body Makeover due to scary things happening in our neighborhood & I didn't feel safe leaving my girls home alone while we went to the gym.  We went camping & encountered a bear!  Trisina gave birth while we were camping.  We looked at houses to buy in Rio Linda.  Began doubting my ability to be a midwife.  Some kid started leaving his shoe on my front porch, with a note on it.  Started to seriously consider buying a house here, after looking at the models in Natomas.  Started the Biblical Prophecy seminar.  Started packing.  I became obsessed with bento.  I was disowned by my Mother.  Went camping again.  Didn't get approved for the house & began planning our move to Denver again. 

September ~ Mom re~owned me.  Saw Jay & other friends in L.A.!!!  Brought my sister & nephews back home with me.  We got approved for the house after all.  MIL money drama again.  Annika turned 13! & changed her name.  We opened escrow on her birthday. 

October ~ Did lots of packing.  Lots of job & house drama.  Had some anxiety issues.  Dreamed of Marije & her daughter a few times.  Got home owners' & flood insurance.  Did the inspection on the house.  Scheduled the transfer of utilities to the new house.  I turned 32!  I was ill on my birthday. 

November ~ We closed on the house & started moving in!!  Hansel & Yukio ran away πŸ™  Only Yukio returned.  Troy started a new job, after taking a week off.  Troy & Annika served at the homeless shelter with our Church's youth group on Thanksgiving.  We celebrated in our new house πŸ™‚  Cut my hair again. Bought bento boxes for Troy & the girls! 

December ~ Had Christmas dinner drama with MIL.   Bought a Hello Kitty bento box for me!  I was ill & lost my voice again.  Had a funny dream of Jay.  Chloe turned 7!!  Sheryl told me that she is pregnant!  Had our first bday party in the new house.  Had drama with our old landlord about our lease.  Discovered Burrito Project.  Wished I was in Denver for the blizzard.  Vaughn turned 3!  Celebrated Christmas with Troy's in~laws & my Mom in our new house.  Yukio ran away on the 22nd & hasn't returned πŸ™  Started a local chapter of Burrito Project.  Had a very sensual dream about Lorenzo, I was too shy to post about it.  Planning to celebrate NYE at home, as usual, while the girls go to MIL's. 

This took a really long time to write!!


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