This should be a simple thing shouldn't it?? Why is it so hard for me??? I hate picking up the phone and making a call to anywhere or anyone. WHY???

<> I love getting calls, just hate making them. I have a fricken cell phone that I never waste the minutes on because I never make any calls. I run up the text messages all the time though.

<> My brother and I have been feuding about this for over a year now. He won't talk to me because I don't ever call him. He calls my house all the time to speak with my mom but because I didn't dial the number he won't talk to me. I told him before that I don't like to call people and he took it as a personal insult saying that he is not just anyone. I didn't mean it that way. The more that I don't speak to him the more anxious that I am about calling him. I can't make him understand!

<>It's driving me crazy! I don't want to be like this. I hate that I can't just do this simple task.

I hate at work when I have to call other departments and ask for stuff. I have to take time to muster up the courage to do it and it's so hard. Once I am done I will think of it for days on how stupid I must have sounded. Like it even matters to the other person.

Than, as if it isn't bad enough, this guy friend of mine asked me to call him today and I worried about it the whole day long and I didn't do it. I could not work up the nerve to call him. I thought about it alot but could not do it.

<> I know it's a small task that should not take much effort to do. Still, knowing does not make it any easier.



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  1. SweetestJezebel 14 years ago
    But it's not a small task for us.  I have the same problem.  I don't usually like receiving calls either.  I rarely answer the phone, and I don't return calls, unless it's really important.  My Mom disowned me earlier in the year, because I couldn't call her.  I'd have text messaged her if I had that option.
    People don't understand, and they won't understand, because it does seem so simple a task.  But it isn't, not for people like us…
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