My head doesn’t hurt

My mind is just aching

I’m on high alert

And my insides keep shaking

I want to wash my hair

Though I’m very aware

I’ve washed it three times

And still feel like I’ve gotten nowhere.

My sight is mitigated

And my head feels weak

My feelings go unstated

Because I can’t find the words to speak.

It’s hard to explain

the thoughts in my brain

I’m just so confused

My mind has been bruised

My chest feels tight

And it’s getting hard to inhale

I was not prepared

For what my life would entail.

  1. aquazium 1 year ago

    Dang true, especially that part about not being prepared for what your life would entail. Nice poem btw:)

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  2. Author
    goobi1 1 year ago

    Thank you! So glad you can relate but also sorry that we all have similar traumas.

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