Again I feel I am Just spinning my wheels ,  A friend said he could see why ! I am being pull from all sides all the Time . Every body wants something From Tim or wants Tim to Fix something . Hmmm what about Tim How does He feel ? what would he like to do ? or how about what he wants in life > I would 12 hours a day then go Home to fix things pickup water the flowers water the mow the yard, help with house chores Laundry , Dishes ,sometimes cook, pay the Bills, even wash my own Laundry , I have no life , no family , no friends , I don\\\\\\\’t  have face book , or messenger . I go to work go home, go work , I have no romance in my life , my wife does what ever she feels and she can care less how it affects anyone else , the step kids have no respect for me , but I am the first one they come to when they want something fix or want a car . Why do I keep living like this ? This is no Life ! Maybe I have set my standards to high for what I think I want in life ? I guess I wanted to be love and appreciated , I wanted people approve of me , I want a home , a family , I have always work for what I wanted no free hands out here , and try to take care  of what I have ,  I don\\\’t know anymore if I know what love is . I feel so alone inside and tired . The boss at work wants more and more I run a million dollar a year business that can be stress most of the time . I feel that no one cares what I think any more . everybody  just seems to think you wave a wand everything gets done



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