There wasn\'t a choice for annoyed, so I chose angry as a substitute. Anyway, I can\'t stand the way some people I know think. I grew up with this one girl who now has the almost perfect life. We grew up living in similar situations, so I figured she would understand my worry about my recent housing situation. I found out that part of place I live in has a very dangerous foundation. Half of it is about to completely fall apart, which means that if it doesn\'t get fixed soon, half the house will be completely gone. It\'s already freezing because the skirting has to be replaced. The only positive thing about the foundation problem is that if we didn\'t have the skirting removed, we would have never known.
Onto why I\'m annoyed. I use Facebook as a lot of people do these days. I set my to this yesterday right after I found out the news: "Stressed BEYOND belief. Found out house foundation is horrible. Half the house is in jeopardy of falling off. I give up 🙁 I give up. I can\'t hand the stress anymore." Now of course I went into a severe panic attack. I could hardly breathe and just wanted to have a hug from someone. After I found out about the foundation the guy who was checking it out then told me that the entire thing could be even worse as the code enforcement would mark it as unstable to live in if we didn\'t get it fixed NOW.
Holy crap! I can\'t wrap my brain around the situation. The awful part is that my so called friend who responded within minutes of my FB status decided to pop off and make me feel worthless. She said "Your problem is nothing. Think about all the parents of all those children that were killed." Mind you I was on my way to pick my Dad up from work as the guy stopped me before I got into the car to show and tell me the OMG stuff. I had my cell with me and had seen she sent a reply. I thought hmm it would be great if she said something that would give me some positive feelings, but NO! I told her that I never got a chance to watch the news, get on the net, or read the paper. I was totally clueless as to the mass shooting that occurred.
This girl whose supposed to be my friend proceeded to blast off everything she possibly could and said my house could be replaced and a life can\'t. I told her that I was praying for them but that wasn\'t enough for her as she\'s a Mom of 3. About 98% of all my friends(the ones I can even talk to) have kids. I don\'t have kids, and choose not to, but that doesn\'t mean I don\'t understand pain or have sympathy for others. I deleted her from my facebook as she continued to belittle me. I just can\'t have people like that in my life. A few of my friends saw the entire drama unfold and were on my side because they know how I am and what I have to deal with. My families financial situation isn\'t great and all this stuff happening is just….BLAH! By the way did I mention that our car has no heat? Yeah, had to get a part worth 400 to fix something just so the car would pass NY inspection. That money was going to be to fix that, but NOOOOO! I could go on and on, but I feel achey all over and sleepy. Getting under the covers and trying to stay warm.



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