Affirmative Prayers Release Powers By Which Positive Results Are Accomplished.

1. Set aside a few minutes every day. Do not say anything. Simply practice
thinking about God. This will make your mind spiritually receptive.
2. Then pray orally, using simple, natural words. Tell God anything that is on
your mind.
3. Pray as you go about the business of the day. Utilize minute prayers by
closing your eyes to shut out the world and concentrate on God's Presence. The
more you do this each day you will feel nearer to God's Promise.
4. Do not always ask when you pray, but instead affim Gods blessings are being
given, and spend most of your prayers giving thanks.
5. Pray with the belief that sincere prayers can reach out and surround you
loved one's with God's love and protection.
6. Never use a negative thought in prayer. Only positive thoughts get results.
7. Always express willingness to accept God's will. As for what you want, but
be willing to take what God gives you. It may be better than what you ask for.
8. Practice the attitude of putting everything in God's hands. Ask for the
ability to do your best and leave the results confidently to God.
9. Pray for people you don't like or who have nistreated you. Resentment is
blockade number one of spiritual power.
10. Make a list of people for whom to pray. the more you pray for other people,
especially those not connected with you, the more prayer results will com back
to you.

Before this day is out, do something specific and concrete that will demonstrate
your determination to change yourself and your life for the better. Pay a
debt. Heal a broken relationship. End a quarrel. Offer an apology. Pray for
someone. Visit someone who is sick. Restrain yourself from buying something
you had planned to buy for yourself and give the money to charity instead. Do
whatever you do quietly, without ostentation. And do it, not in hope or reward,
but simply because you want to do it, because you prefer to be an inner-directed

The average man usually empties his pockets onto his dresser or desk before
retiring. Personally, rather enjoy standing over a wastebasket during the
process to see how many things I can throw away: notes, memos, scarps of paper,
completed self-directions, even knickknacks which I have picked up. With
relief, I deposit all items possible in the wastebasket. It is perhaps more
important to empty the mind as one empties pockets. During the day we pick up
mental odd and ends: a little worry, a little resentment, a few annoyances,
some irritations, perhaps even some guilt reactions. Every night, these should
be thrown out for, unless eliminated, they accumulate and subtract from the joy
of life.

-Norman Vincent Peale


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