hi ok let me get right down to it this site has some serious issues. This is the 5th blog I have managed to write. My hands are shaking so this is difficult yet i believe worthy of writing.

Delane stop saying your sorry to me for cripe sakes lil Cherokee momma a sorri is worn in India.

you i will always love you have always loved you and will do what ever is needed to get you through what ever your going through you know whom you are ol puppet muppet lol yeah i said it cue Snowie So…… I love you meet heads spelled wrong intentionally this site is a mess i did all i could to guide our techies in the better direction wont be up dated till the end of 2014 oh hello no .

more later my business is so busy right now i am not able to keep up with demand supply is less then the grater demand. Every thing i do here i do for us and the next 7 generations if it were not for some of you my happy azz would have been dead years ago so report that freak you know darn well i will deal with him in my own style can not do this life everyone elses way any longer for chripes sakes i turned 50 last year I am here when anyone of you any where any time needs to chat or just wants to and or both united front thats us we DT kids we dont dies we multiply yes its a joke with a serious point dont you all go given up on your selfs or each other what we have been building amongst one another is so strong not even we our selfs can destroy it lopez i got her in pops garage worken on my Iron Horse every other weekend ooooo Ed she is so SWEET me my FAT BOY giggling we did it Ed aint no going back wards now thats all over the residuals the clean up after the clean up we're alright all of us divided we fall hope this makes logic to someone MR FISH help me out here proud of you too proud of all of us for getting through what was one of the most difficults deep mercury retrogrades i have ever experienced sorry to those of you whom do not believe in the science of astrology no offence intended phone ringing off the hook i need to hire some peeps anyone interested? If i did not love you all none of you could piss me off period end of sentance thanks all you know whom you are when anyone anywhere reaches out for the program of AA and or here it is my duty to be there for you any one of you for that i am totally respondsible its my honor to represent such wonderful warm loving caring peeps on my honor I promise to protect and serve lol nope not the po p just lil ol me prehaps its wise to ask someone if they want a hug or just learn what one anothers boundries are please try and find some JOY in our day xo Sparky

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  1. MoonWolfEagle 8 years ago

    dag nabbit sit still al lol

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