sorry i haven't kept up with the trbe lately. stil have to go to the park or the ice cream place for wi-fi. and now that i don't have a job to go to i can go more often. Yep. . .i quit the damn place took my sorry fat ass out the door and not going back. after a really bad friday, everyone was on edge, and my foot and ankle hurt so bad i wanted to cry right there. so not looking at the schedule and thinking i had the weekend off, i slept all day saturday and most of sunday. then realized i was a no call, no show. oops. the next scheduled day was wednesday and i did call in after the shift started and the pharmacy manager called me and asked if i was staying with them, i text him back and asked for a meeting that he did not respond to. then went in to talk to him and he blew me off. so with my 401 k and in may i can sign up for early retirement i will be just fine. the person who set me off triggered feelings of such hate and wanting to cause such harm that i knew she would not survive the battle. so i left. i am sure she will get what s coming to her eventually just not by me. that was the on july 30. today is august 19. i still sleep too much, and i have got some stuff put away since i moved to this house. still lots to do so i am busy. even finished a baby blanket and trying to finish another blanket but it s still too hot to crochet a lot. so anyway i;m starting to ramble so will close. peace and blessings


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