This is my first blog so I’m not sure where to start


also I’m bad at English please bear with me please(I’m sorry)

anyways my family have been a mess for as long as I can remember, there is always screaming or some sort of fighting and it always drives me shit mad. As à kid I would cry when I heard my mom saying to my dad to ‘leave and never come back’ (he always came back tho) I have 3 autistic brothers and two of them need help constantly.

my dad is the one who always do most of the things at home while my mom usually just cooks some Burt food and then just be on her phone the rest of the day. She doesn’t know how to take care of us one bit but she still blames my dad for not having a job when she is the reason he can’t get one, he always need to take care of my brother and with my mum not doing anything he doesn’t have time to work. I’m always worried that my dad will leave cuz he is the one stopping my mom from literally killing one of us(no joke)but yet at the same to I want him to leave so that he can take a rest from this stress full family. My dad has so many health problems tacks to the huge stress he has and I fell bad.

I used to love my mum a lot. But after probably around when I was 6 to 9I really started to sort of dislike her and notice how fucked up she is. I don’t remember much from my childhood ( which I’m sort of thankful for) but I do remember my mom on some occasions beating the shit out of my dad…like real bad there was blood everywhere and I just remembered looking at my dad while he was sitting in the kitchen and he just looked broken. Even though my dad isn’t really the kindest person he still doesn’t deserve that sort of pain.

My mum also loves to complain about how she wants so kick him out BUT I know that when he is gone she won’t be able to handle shit  which would be hilarious to look at but I know that she will probably take out all her frustrations on my and I really don’t want to get choked AGAIN. My mum just kicked my dad out after(while he was gonna buying food) ranting to her friends or maybe sister idk about how he’s useless(if he is useless then what are-) and how she will throw him out and “take care of the kids herself”loloollollol that ain’t gonna work. I just cried because my mom was screaming and it was really scary to listen to, she was making my brothers distressed making them scream and she pulled out a knife and told my dad that if he doesn’t leave there will be blood everywhere. I’m done with this whole dramatic family at this point

there is A LOT more to the story so I will probably write another longer blog some other day

if your still reading(SHE SCREAMING AGAINT OMG)(she stoped now) then you have great patience cuz this is a mess of a blog I know

have a nice day everyone🥰

goodbye🖤 🖤







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