I do have a Facebook & Myspace page, but I really don't like those sites. People on them are from my experience, really fake and only care about themselves. Most of them seem to have much better lives than me, more friends and so forth. It just always feels like people are showing off on there and being conceited and full of themselves. I used to go on and everything, but I would comment on other people's photos and things and most of them wouldn't comment back. They would just go around asking for comments. I have to still have a Facebook page, as some of my family will only really talk on there and they complain when I don't put up pictures fast enough. I do find it annoying though to have to have one and to always have to see what everyone else is doing with their lives and all the kids they are having and whatnot. I figured out awhile ago that going on there makes me depressed and feel more alone than ever. Plus, all of my friends and family that are on there, (they're not really my real friends) are all in California. So, even if they did invite me to any of their stupid parties or get-togethers, I couldn't go anyways. They never did though. My family wouldn't tell me about stuff or things going on, and then they would complain or get on me about not showing up, when they never even told me. So, I was very happy to move away, so that I could stop dealing with all their crap in that way. It was very inconsiderate and rude. I would tell them time and again to either message me on Facebook, email me, text me or call me, if they wanted me to go somewhere, and they never would. They had so many ways to get a hold of me. They would just say that my dad should have told me. Which I would just find to be complete bs, and so would my husband. So, wrapping this all up, I am very happy already to have found this site, because it doesn't make me feel like that. It makes me feel cared about and listened to and like I actually exist and matter to some people. Its funny how you can feel like you matter more to strangers than to your own family. Sorry this is so long, but I have so much pent up anger about so many things from my whole life, even though I am quite young. I have so much to say. And in actuality, I feel old every day, very old.


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