• This is one of my poems that GOD has given me through my pain of going through deppression .I pray it will be a blessing to others who r suffering as well .GOD also wants to help u through your pain.
  • GOD gave me this poem on 10/3/08
  •   Im closer today
  • Than i have ever been
  • I understand the power of God
  • More than i ever have
  • And it’s because of where i’ve been
  • The places God has taken me
  • Have only proven more
  • How much he loves us and cares
  • And that He will never take ME OR US anywhere
  • That He won’t along with us go
  • To the ends of the earth
  • He will carry us
  • In HIS strong arms
  • He will hold us
  • Until one day
  • When He carries us home
  • I want to tell u
  • Whatever u r facing
  • Whatever u r going through
  • Don’t give up on God
  • BECAUSE  HE WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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