Ok here goes. I’m going to take dear 44’s advise and talk about the symptoms I have been experiencing. If anyone has experience with this please tell me. I know most of us here (well no one I have come across) is a medical professional, and I understand this is just personal opinion/experiences.

For the last two/three months I have been experiencing a dull ache in my Right breast. It started as hardly noticable, and I just figured it was something to do with my montly cycle ect ect. Its only in my right. Then slowly the pain has been getting worse. My nipple looks different (I don’t know how to discribe, kind of redder and larger kinda) and there has been a slow growing of pain under my armpit. I have been feeling it, and my whole right breast is becoming tender to the touch. It looks a different too, like larger sort of, but only one one side. The pain is constant, however there are times when it really throbbs and is even more painful.

I don’t know what to think. Its really starting to worry me. I’m terrified of going to the doctor about it, for a few different reasons.. 1, I have alot of SI scars on my breasts, 2, Its embarrasing to sit there and disuss my boobs to a dr, 3, Fear that its something horrible.. and the list could go on, but they are the main ones.

I have done a bit of research on the net, checking out the cancer council’s website, and other reliable sources. They discribe symptoms like I am experiencing here.

I guess what I’m asking, is there anyone out there that has experienced anything like this? or know someone that has. I just need someone to tell me that I’m going to be ok..

  1. suelo 12 years ago

    hi there, just read ur blog and i think u should definatly go to see ur gp. i know its embarrasing but its best to check it out even just to settle ur mind. please go a.s.a.p.  because if theres somthing going on its best to catch it early, thinking of you  and take care luv sue xx

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  2. Dublyn 12 years ago

    PLEASE see your doctor.He will have seen this before and as for your scars….they should not phase him.The sooner you get an appt the sooner you will find out wht is going on.Good luck and God bless.

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