hi all,well im a little disappointed in my niece,my only living sister oldest child

well this is how it started myson and his girlfriend have lived together for years and he got his incom tax and they got alone fine as soon as his money was gone she start some mess to send him here to my house dont get me wrong i love myn kids but he is 32 yrs old and she just started getting ssi for her son that fights at school all the time,but any way someone stole my sons car and the car is in my name so i tried to findout who took it so this is when the drama started i ask her neighbors and one guy said they saw her and take the car we call police and everything so i ask my son not to say anything to her about what the guy said and true enough he confronted her and all stuff hit the fan i had got a cell phone for her coz she could not get her own btw she has 5 kids and 2 are my grandsso when all this started she txt me and cuss me out and in return i cuss her back ,so she has this lil gig going getting paid underthe table and she got my niece on sitting with people (if only these people knew how mean these two are) so to nite i ask her about paying her cell bill and she tells me to pay  it myself this is her bill now,so plz give me you all advice this is really hurting me..thanks all had to vent and my niece took sides with my sons ex go figure they keep saying im a crazy bit ..tand noone can be no more craziier than her and my niece my niece got kicked off section 8 chasing behind a guy and now she and her 4 kids is living on my mom who is blind and her and my mom argue about her not helpn with bills or cleaning the house  so i feel you guys are my true fam….sob..help

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  1. pozabilities 13 years ago

    thanks piks knew i could count on you,i just decided to let god handle them and you and i both know then they will have hell to pay….lol …thanks again.

    p.s. you made me smile

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