My dad has been in pain non stop for the last three years, I believe. First he had his hip replaced, then he had two back surgeries, and the pain hasn’t resolved. About a month ago, we found out that he has an infection in the hip that had been replaced three years ago. How it is just now becoming an issue, I have no idea. However, the buildup of bacteria is causing the replaced hip to be pushed out of the socket, causing immense pain. As a result, my dad had another surgery Friday to have it replaced again. He had a PICC line placed yesterday to administer antibiotics, which we will be doing at home for the next eight weeks. My mother is at the hospital with him, but I just hate that I can’t be there for either of them. I am a nursing student and would feel much better if I was able to be there for him, like any other family member or daughter would want to do. I am also frustrated that I will be the one administering the antibiotic but I can’t even get the education on it in person. Friday night was bad for me, I couldn’t sleep, I was worried too much about my dad and about how the PICC line will go at home. Not knowing what kind of equipment is being sent home and the specifics about administration is really making me anxious. On top of it all, nursing school is overwhelming as well. I have an outline for an evidence based paper due tomorrow as well as a literature review and literature table for four documents. I have 5 virtual simulations to do for my clinicals as well as a care plan and patient interview to type up that are due Tuesday. I have a test Thursday that I haven’t had time to study for yet, and I’m not sure when I will have time to.


Overall this has been a tough weekend. I’ve been so anxious that I’ve had difficulties sleeping, nausea, and I’ve been in tears quite a bit. I think once my dad gets home I’ll feel better but as of right now I hardly want to get out of bed. This is my first blog so I’m not really sure how to finish this up, but I must say it feels nice to let it all out.


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