So I’ve been on here just a few days now and have notice that the age bracket is quite young. I’ve also notice that some members are unsure of how to interact when it comes to the age gap. For me what is most important to point out is that the struggles we all face in life don’t discriminate based on age. The pain of a minor is the same of an adult. Sometimes advice from a young person can help an adult and vice versa. All that in mind, be appropriate and know your audience. I know when I tell complete strangers that they are loved by me its with compassion not infatuation. Age doesn’t matter if your intentions are good and geared to help not hurt. Remember ” Hurt people, Hurt people.” From a young age I’ve struggled with my mood, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and a whole lot of emotional unbalance. Now in what people call “adulthood” I struggle with the same but I’ve learned a lot along the way to manage all of that. Until our problems are worked through they just sit there like an elephant on our chests. Currently I am working on myself and working to get in a better place with myself, and if I can help someone with their problems with my experience strength and hope; I will. Remember no matter how old or young you are, your feelings are valid and you matter.


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