I have a “high functioning” special needs child. On the autism spectrum with adhd. I have tried my best to raise him the best way I could. Make him feel “normal”.. whatever that is. I have begged for the school and even his pediatrician to help to get him diagnosed and the therapies he needs. Afor years I struggled and finally 3 years ago we were able to get a diagnosis but still no therapies or help from agencies, insurance companies, etc. I had to raise hell and finally got them started in September. Is a bit too late? He just started high school and is having a hard time as we knew he would. I have been trying to get him into a specialized school for years and the district doesn’t want to let him go. I know it’s mainly a money issue but what about my son’s well being. He had an incident at school blast week and I had to pull him out because I fear for his safety. I feel like I’ve failed him. If in wasn’t so fucking depressed all the time could I have done more years ago to where he would be in a better place right now. With all the guilt and helplessness I’m feeling I have had to take this to the next level and am going to be dealing with Sacramento and the department of education.i need to be strong for him bit it’s been so hard. It seems like I’ve been on the phone and in front of the computer emailing people every day. I am so.mentally exhausted, I can’t sleep… I’m just a wreck. Please give me the strength to get through this meeting next week. I’m so scared because I don’t know what I’m doing and am trying my best to be able to represent myself in a way that will finally help my son be placed in a school that will meet all his needs. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best….

  1. delane 5 years ago

    i’m proud of you for standing up for your son!!! So many kids seem to get lost in the shuffle. *sigh
    You are doing right by your son. It’s evident that you love and care for him. You are fighting and no matter how worn out you may feel, i know you’ll keep it up. -That’s what we do, ya know?! You’ve done a lot, already, so don’t give up!!!! Keep on pushing until you get the right person/people to act!

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  2. Author
    Mz_Unda_Std 5 years ago

    Thank you for your words. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t done enough and just feel like a failure. You are right though I do have to push on. He needs me and I’m sick of this school district. I hope I can win and get what I need from them. Keeping my fingers crossed

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  3. her_ocd 5 years ago

    Just wanted to give you a high five for doing what you can to help yr son. Try not to be so hard on yr self for not doing more in the past. The important thing is that you realize he needs the help and you will be there for him. Good Luck to you, you will do great!

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