Hey so I’m new to all this, so recently my boyfriend cheated on me and hurt me bad and I’ve been depressed and you must think “oh she’s crazy for being depressed about a boy” but this boy was my best friend so i lost my best friend and i started to cut myself and all that I’m not eating and my friends are forcing me to eat and what not. So basically i just wanted to say that its okay to not be okay but please don’t keep it inside to where you might hurt yourself or worse you can talk to a lot of people like your mom dad grandparents aunts uncles cousins therapists doctors and all kinds of people even your school counselors. People care even if they don’t show that they do. So imma tell more about me, I am a singer I’m 13 i have a new amazing boyfriend my best friends protective like very protective, I have depression social anxiety anxiety anorexia and insomnia and i have a a lot of phobias.I have lost a lot of friends this year because of all the drama I’ve been dragged into and how i am so hard to read I’m confusing and i push people away from me and they get so mad cause they don’t know whats wrong and it is like impossible for me to tell them cause they don’t listen and when they do its while i pretend i am happy and at night i cry so hard because no one knows whats going on and it is so hard to explain because then i will be judge.So imma post daily reminders or facts or inside my life or head  thanks for reading i love y’all so please talk to me if you need too<3<3


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