Well I am now16, yay!! The only good thing about this freaking week!

I am now facing a strange and weird time, of course they happen on my birthday. My ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend wants to talk to me and let's say I haven't heard the best things about her. The only way I'll talk to her is over facebook, she is blocked by me. The reason why is because of that little moment in the school hallway.

My mom will not get off my back, nagging to me about everything. I got myself Axe because I like it more than perfume and my mom gave me a look, like it was a problem. Why can't a girl wear Axe, huh? Why is it a god damn problem to other people what body spray I use? Ugh, she just won't stop! She was even nagging me about how fast I was walking, just because she can't keep up with a fast walker like me doesn't mean she has get pissy about, if she can't keep up then that's her own problem.

And of course all these problems, I started to get headaches again, and the thoughts returned. I don't know what to do, I keep on thinking of ways to do it, but I am way too scared to do it. I also don't want to fail and the doctors stick me in a hospital for the crazies. I'm thinking about talking to an assistant principle, but I even them I can't trust. The one real person I trust working at my school is one of the hall monitors, he is so nice to me. I'm afraid to tell my friends because they might think I'm joking or they'll judge me. Family and hotlines are out of the question.

Don't worry readers I'll post another time!

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  1. five5 10 years ago

    If your school has a guidance councilor that might be a good person to talk to, they will be able to give you a few options. The important thing is that if u want to tell someone, like someone at your school to tell them everything and tell them you want things to change. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I hope things get better.

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