Well, today was much better than yesterday. The sun was shining, which made a big difference. I had nothing to do at work today, but even so, the day went by pretty quickly. I'd prefer to be busy, but it wasn't too bad.<br> What's the deal with Valentine's Day? It's like they are trying so hard to commercialize it and make people feel like rejects if they are single. There was even a segment on the news this morning that was talking about how to cope with being alone on Valentine's Day! I never felt bad about being single or alone on Valentine's Day! I've dated enough losers that I am perfectly content the way I am, I'm just not that interested anymore. Been there, done that. I have my daughter and my pets to keep me company. My dogs are more loyal and supportive than any man I've been with. (Well, except for maybe one, but that's debate-able). I should feel angry at the media for trying to make me feel that way. Fortunately I'm still in a 'don't care about much,' attitude so it's not worth my effort to care right now. <br>I've been eatting like mad this week! Well, when I reflect back it's not as bad as it seems. Still, I need to fast for a day or so to make sure I don't pack on some pounds. It's hard enough to lose what I have. I've been maintaining but definitely don't want to gain any more. That would certainly make me feel even worse! I've been wanting to exercise, but just haven't been able to push myself. I've been doing extra walking at work, which I'm sure doesn't amount to much. I've been thinking about walking when I get home in the evenings and the new dogs would probably like thata but it still makes me so sad because I did it so much with our old dogs that passed last year. Maybe I'll join Curves again or something.

  1. metalheadfreak1992 13 years ago

    I'm glad today was good for somebody. The media is so stupid with everything they do and say. Yeah I wouldn't worry about it at all. Give valentines day a big middle finger up its ass and get on with life.

    Maybe you should join curves. And if walking the dogs makes you feel sad about stuff then i wouldn't do it. It's not worth it. You don't wanna feel even worse than you already do. I hope things work out and you finally push yourself to do that exersice thingy. Kay?? Alright take care=D

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  2. HereIgoAgain 13 years ago

    Thanks Metalhead… It helps just knowing someone is listening and being encouraging! Today I felt even better. I didn't get out like I'd hoped, but it was nice and sunny so my outlook was much better and I was reminded that Sunnier days are ahead. The weather makes such a difference!Thanks again!

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