so like a butt head i decided to text david on father's day. he is not a father but he does have a dog so i decided to be funny and text him. we got in an arguement again because he claims he text me a week before that and i didnt respond . then to find out he yahoo messaged me and i never got it. so anyways i let him yell at me in basken robbins the icecream store people gaged as i just sat there ready to cry he went on and on saying how he didnt say to leave him alone and how he wants to stay friends and i need to just focus on me.

Question? have you ever done something someone told you to do and took it the wrong way?

he told me to worry about me and to stop smuthering him so i just cutt him off altogether and he didnt want that.

so anyways i took it upon my self to find something to do to get my mind off men and people i love so i went to a mediataion class . it was an half hour but it was great i released all my inner thoughts and i feel much better now.

and on top of that i seen an ad in the paper for a new job so pray that i get it so that i can move on with my life.

 i reqlized that i am bi polar isnt that great and i got my imaginary friend back. not really imaginary its just my inner thought and inner child telling me what i should and should not do. and i talk to myself again and im so happy.

people dont except me so i just have to excpet myself

Think! dont change for the worse change because you want to . dont please people because at the end of the day you will end up hurt. dont exist live your life and be thankful because its your life be happy know that i love you and have a spectacular day


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