I don’t know who the hell im suppose to be, and I mean yeah I’m just a fucked up teenager. Maybe I am better off dead, I don’t know anymore. I joined this cite so I could put myself out there. I don’t know how many people will read this and I know even less will care. The tribes or groups in this cite make me kind of mad. I just get ignored it’s like I don’t matter and I’m better off dead. I don’t know anymore. I had a bad day at work today (again). I can’t quit because I need money for a music studio for my band  (we are called E.M.O, Extra Mostly Odd) That’s the only reason I haven’t quit yet.

Well, I give up with this blog post for today.

~Cory. A .B. Grey~

  1. anna1985 2 years ago

    A part of the recobery process is to have fucked up days and feel like shit…. it will get worse before it gets better… easier said than done, but try to think positive and get a hobby to help your mind forget the bad stuff. The better you do a d more u overcome each day, the better you will feel in time. It wont happen overnight.

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  2. civilsouvenir 2 years ago

    Hey. I’m going to send you a friend request. Coming from a out of teenage year barely adult. Don’t give up. There’s a lot of bright spots after darkness that make life worth while. That give you that gust of hair to breath a bit longer and a bit longer each time. I like what Anna said, you will feel it in time ads you overcome each day. It won’t happen overnight. And sometimes we go through our darkest hours just to see how bright it really is around us. I could give you a million stories of my darkest peaks. But then tell you the incredible miracles of light that Ive made it to at the end of each path. Life is filled with paths, some darker than others. Teenage years suck and are survival years, but guess what? You’re going to be one kick ass adult in life my friend.

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  3. tennesseemoonstone 2 years ago

    Let me introduce myself- I’m a fucked up adult, lol. Seems we have something in common. My own teenage years were horrible because I really wasn’t aware of what was happening to me- the depression started before adolescence but the mania kicked in around 12-13 years old. It’s a good thing when you can look at all you’ve been through and feel as if you’ve somehow succeeded. Sounds like that you indeed ARE a kick ass adult. {{{hugs}}}

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