Hello I am a 25 year old housewife and at this moment in time I have zero and I mean zero friends because of my own self hatred.

i am horrified to leave my house because I find myself the most horrible person in the world I\’m the ugliest fattest most sad person I know!!

i also feel that is the reason i think my friends don\’t like me anymore and that just makes me hate myself more and that triggers my anxiety and then I become a bitch and I start to hate myself more for being a bitch to everyone.

i just would really like someone to talk too and maybe be a friend who can make me not feel so alone and hateful.

i do the samething everyday I get up I’m so bored with my life everyday I read just to escape reality it is depressing I imagine I’m talking to an anime character or that I’m in a tv show but in truth I have nobody who I can call a friend besides my husband

im lonely I want girl talk or just anybody to text me first asking me if I want to hang I miss that god I sound depressing

i really hope I can talk to people who are like me and talk about our problems.

i look forward to joining the support groups and learning how to deal with my anxiety and all so that I can leave the house without being afraid of others thoughts

so that I can live my life unafraid of everything and everyone!

If you have anything to say I would be happy to talk to anyone I would also love to help people if I can I am very friendly and honest I hope we can get along and help one another

thanks everyone

  1. ucfdarkknight 5 years ago

    i’m sorry you feel this way. no one should feel alone.

    i feel neglected by my people in my life currently.

    I really like the picture you posted. Is that Saya-man?

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  2. Author
    masterpeyton 5 years ago

    Thank you
    I’m sorry you feel neglected and yes it is

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  3. chuck821 5 years ago

    hello, you are not alone….i have been dealing with loneliness and isolation for many many years, neglected and abandoned by all my family members, i mean we talk on the phone but rarely do i get any visitors……they all claim that my AIDS is not a problem but I know that that is the problem. I just try not to think about it too much and just get through the day. Hope things improve for you

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