I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 6 years now. My life has had its ups and downs. Just recently I realized I might have BPD or be bipolar. I also found out I’m bi and demisexual. I live in a Mormon town so I have no clue how to come out. The one time I kissed another girl, my mom found out. She was livid. Told me she would always love me but she wouldn’t allow that kind of behavior anywhere near her. How can you say you love someone but push them away?

I’ve dealt with a lot on my life. My dad left when I was a baby. My mom worked full time and struggled to make ends meet. My dad came back when I was 5, demanding I go live with him. This started a court battle that lasted 8 years, and still isn’t completely resolved. I’ve dealt with moving all over when my stepdad joined the military. I dealt with the constant anxiety and anger everytime he was near. I watched as my house was torn apart by NCIS after there were suspicions my stepdad had molested my sister, she was 3. After that I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, depression.

I’m still young. I have a lot to learn but I want to help. I want to talk to you. I want to learn your likes, your dislikes. Your favorite music. I want to see your scars (metaphorically). I want  to help. Just talk to me.

  1. 23skuhn 1 year ago

    id love to talk
    just message me

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  2. despinarri 1 year ago

    I’m sorry that you’ve gone through so much, it pains me to see someone else struggling with similar things that have happened to me within my life. If you’d like to talk ever I’m here.
    I hope you have a wonderful Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night 🙂
    Please Stay Strong.

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