Wel this finally my story, i didn’t dare to publish it couse i tought people would laugh at me or bully my online, i was just scared.

My story starts when i was 6.

I got 2 best friends ho were there everytime for me and i was there for them.

But then i needed to move to another city and everytging was different.

I didn’t have friends and my bestfriends were gone.

Then i got bullied and i got a brother at age 8.

My parents already were getting ready to divorce and i just didn’t know what to do.

Since that point everything was falling apart, i just wanted to end it all.

It just keeps getting worse and i got fights whit my parents just couse i wanted to say something.

The  i get into highschool and it keeps getting worse, i tried multiple times to end it, and like a lot of times.

But then i got one friend ho fells like a brother to me and only just lives 20 housenumbers from me.

I finally got a friend, my bestfriend.

But still that doesn’t restore everything and it even keeps getting worse couse i fuck things up and i’m just an nobody…

Not importabt, just a thing.

Then i started basketballing this schoolyear and i became a bit good in it.

People begin to accept me how i am.

Then i got an female bestfriend.

She has gote problems with her ex-bestfriend and one day i saw she wasn’t happy.

I cared about here couse i do about everyone.

So i sended here a message.

Then she sended me back so quick i was i bit scared acually.

Then we started talking(only chatting, not personally, that comes way later.)


And then januari comes.

She changed schools, i did again but i still got contact with my bestfriend and here.

But everything broke apart in my life,i just don’t got one…

I just don’t know how to get rid of all these toughts, i only want that all the people i care about are happy and live life like it supposed to be.

But i don’t deserve it.

The only way to end those problems i made and thoughts i have, is by end it all.

But idk why i’m still here, i don’t know how/why my best friends kept my here or even helped me, i’m just a nobody.

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  1. brokendoll17 2 years ago

    Tbh i can understand, my parents divorced when i was 7 after they had three kids together so it sucked, but just keep ur head up and know ur not a thing your not a nobody your a somebody with a past, a present, and a brighter future :3

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