I can honestly say last night i had some great sleep. I have had bad insomina and i think last night made me feel great to get some well deserve sleep. I talk to my kids on Tue. they are both excited to see me this weekend so i am happy about that. I also talked and worked out some issues i had with my last ex and he says he is still "in love with me" dk if thats a good thing or a bad thing. It felt really nice to hear that though. Guess i am just afraid if i get in a relationship again i will mess it up. I think way too much and always about the negative and i need to be more positive about things. I talk to one of my friend's on here told her i should take an art class maybe things would not feel as bad. What i mean by that is… i would not feel worthless, lonely, bored or suicidal. If i keep and stay busy i will be ok. I still have my headache that has not gone away, i have had this thing now for about 2 weeks, it's getting on my freaking nerves. Ik sometime back i was diagnosed with migraines so ik thats what it is and i need meds for it. I been playing alot more games lately it helps keep my mind off things. I stopped listening to music when i am alone, i tend to listen to sad songs so i try not to anymore. I have a great weekend planned i hope it doesn't get ruin. I dk sometimes when i feel like i am going to be happy something comes along and messes it up and i end up sad, unhappy or mad. So i am hoping this time it won't be like this. I guess thats why i don't really like special holidays. Some of my family says it's just another day treat it as that but, u know me it's very hard to do that. I am just glad i will be with my kids and i hope to have alot of fun.

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  1. cleopardi 12 years ago

    thats great sure glad u got some sleep,and ur looking forward to see your kids.  enjoy them while u can they will be grown before u know it.  cindy

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