I need to get linked in with people who know the history, I have no one. We all need to be connected but most people have come to the ultimatum with me that is be too much massive work to educate me to their level so I can really talk to them. Some of them hate that I exist because of the fact that I was born and a lot of people really passionately hate me because they can’t destroy me like they destroy everyone else. This has led to them destroying others. All I want is one link in but no one calls out to me because I am a dead e nd, useless. I need to heal my autism etc. And have someone explain every thing, for me to understand what they’re talking about. I need a parent and iv never really had that. Iv never had an education other than maths and English which of that I retain is only that I can write which I’m doing now. When I read I can’t remember anything. I do know I need to get rid of my rut and reset my brain but I have no one to do this for me. We are separated, when we need to be together. We are ignoring the opposition when it’s attacking all the people. I know these people who hate me because they can’t destroy me, I have done nothing to. They want to destroy me for the reason I can do nothing back. I want to train to be like the best of them, to be able to fight them and be to them what they are to me now until they render. We need someone to call out to everyone who no one knows about who has something to do with us. We need regular head counts. I want to be the one to do this but I need training. I think it’s priority to get rid of the enemies though. They just follow us everywhere. Then I want to count everyone, introduce myself and help the ones most alone and in need.


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