“10 Years Clean and Sober Today – January 31, 2007”

On January 31, 1997, I was mentally,emotionally,physically, and Spiritually Bankrupt. Some of the choices that I had made in my life took some Twist and Turns in a Negative Way! Then there was a DIVINE Intervention from GOD, who Loved me enough to help stop me in my tracks.

Thank You All, I am Grateful To:

My Mother, who NEVER gave up on me, had recognized my disease, long before I did. She was One of the Most Powerful Influences in My Life (Faith). To my Brother (Sam) for showing me the NA way “Through Attraction, Rather than Promotion. For giving me the understanding of the “Disease of Addiction”, and for being a Living Example!!!To My Best Friend (Syl) who helped to wipe me off the Floor (so to speak), was there to help me put the pieces back together, because “I Trusted No One!!” Thanks Laura and Kelley for being there “Always” and keeping My Secrets Safe, especially for the “Vegas” trips (Laura).

My children for Loving Me unconditionally, and for Forgiving Me. (O:K, Mikie, so it took a while for YOU!) To my Andrew (R.I.P.) who supporetd me in my fellowship. Andrew and Mikie, would say “O:K, Mom, I think you need to go to a meeting (NA). They would make it Loud and Clear tha I was out Character, Again!! Aaron and Lynette, my lil heroes, for being patient and enduring “My Bullshit” My children are all incredible, strong,and perservering influences in My Life!! Mikie, I can't even imagine, how this has all been for You (Mijo). I know You are strong!

My sister Lupe, who put her life on Hold to be able to help me with “MY Children”, I am forever grateful!!! My sister Angie, who gave me a place to “REST” my head, and helped me to RE-Establish my relationship with GOD!! To My sister, Linda and Carmen for being there to pray for me and Guide me in my Spiritual Journey. Thank You for the Spiritual Influence that you have had in My Life and My Children!My sister, Estella, for always being my “Big Sister”, or shall I say 2nd Mother (keeping it Real). ' Lisa, for being there 100 % for my kids. Linea, my faithful babysitter, sorry it took a couple of days, sometimes.

All my sisters, nephews, nieces, and friends who have helped me with my kids, when I was exhausted. “I LOVE You All”. To Vanessa, for Loving My son “Drew”. To all of YOU who continue to remain to be of “Support to My Mikie, yes You to Maureen and Lorena.

Especially,!!! To All my Friends in Recovery!!! Thank You for the Unconditional Love and Support that you have given me. My Sponsees, who are “AWESOME”. You ladies have been a major part in “Holding Me Up” through the tragic death of My Son “ANDREW””. Thank You Delz, for helping me through this Grieving Process and showing me the Way.

“I Love You All”

                         I dedicate this “10 Year To You Andrew”. 
(Passed away May 14, 2006)

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