I got to talk to her yesterday they let her make phone calls. They moved her to a mental institution for a week after that she can leave. I guess it wasn't as bad as her other friend said it was. She has a few stitches in her wrists but that is all. She was cutting herself like she always does and just cut a little to deep on one side. So her friend freaked out and called 911 on her twice that day. In away I'm glad that she went to the hospital now she can get help with everything that is making her feel depressed. The only thing is after she gets out of the instituion I don't know where she is going to end up. She was kicked out of her house that she was living in and is owned by her mother and stepfather. They wanted her to go to a homeless shelter and that is part of the reason why she did this. She just feels like no one cares about her and I told her that is where she is wrong. She has me and my hubby that care about her. She is a good person and granted she lied about a lot of things when we first met her but they were stupid things. She feels like she has to lie to get people to like her. Her mother keeps telling her that she is worthless and a bad mother to her kids. No wonder why she tried to end her life. Plus her ex tricked her into signing over custody of the kids to him. I don't know she just has a lot of bad stuff going on and it seems like her mother and her ex won't be happy until she does end up dead. Which I hope never happens and she makes it through tthis. I need to get her to come up her with my hubby and I so she can just get away from everything down there in GA.  My husband asked her if she wanted to come up here after she got out of the hospital and she said she can't think that far ahead right now. I'll keep everyone posted on how she is doing and I hope she is going to be ok. Thank you to everyone that helped yesterday I appreciate it so much. Everyone on this site is so wonderful and I'm so happy I found this place.



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