okay, this is my first blog at ocd tribe…i just found it last week, and i’m kind of excited about it…it’s nice to be around people with the same problem sometimes (even if it is just online)…so i guess a bit of intro is in order…

i’m dawn aka geek aka geekbtch aka geek the girl…i’ve been struggling with ocd since i was little, but i didn’t know what it was until i got about 12 or 13…except for an incredibly extended period of scrupulosity in junior high and early high school, my ocd generally waxes and wanes…there are certain things i always have, but i never know when i wake up whether it’s gonna be a good day or a bad day…sometimes i can use a public restroom after only wiping the seat with a clorox wipe and then wash my hands and use a paper towel to exit no problem…some days it is much more of a production and i have been known to be stuck in a bathroom until someone else opens the door so i can catch it with my foot…i’ve been married (or the closest approximation thereof outside of massachusetts) to one of the most understanding women on the planet for 11 years this month…she knows how bad it can get and she’s still here!  if that’s not love i don’t know what is!  i have tried meds (zoloft) but all it seemed to do was get rid of the manic depressive tendencies so that the ocd could run free…i quit taking it when i realized how much not like me i felt when i was on it…

other than the crazy me, i’m a full time student in women’s studies and religion, and i’m working on an honors thesis about evangelical women’s movements in the u.s.  with any luck, i’ll be graduating next spring and going to grad school for women’s studies in alabama or atlanta…for the moment i’m freaking about the impending gre i have to take and the rough few days i’ve had this week…

i guess that’s all for now…i’ll be hanging about looking for friends and trying to keep it together…

peace and love


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  1. buffster 13 years ago

    \..welcome Dawn..glad you found a place where you can be the "you" which really exists..& don’t sweat your "GRE" too much..but DO get one’na the various prep books on the market 2 prepare for it..bone up ‘on the vocabulary part..kinda where I got burned..but again..I’m a techno-dork ha jk..good luck & be strong..\

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