Luda said to write down three things…  I don't remember what the "things" were…  But I'm going to take a guess that it's something positive… 

And I can remember her standing up there and I laughed because Amy said she spelled a word wrong.  And I remember her looking at the clock, and I said it was 1:26 and it was 1:27.  So only off by a minute.

I can also remember feeling embarrassed and I didn't want to look at anyone.  But it was just her and Amy so even though I didn't want to talk I did anyway.

And that I tried to tell her to put not face the Expo marker in my direction.  But I couldn't talk.

But anyway, I'm going to think of three things, I did today, that were positive.   🙂

Thing one, likes green eggs and ham!  😀  Okay I'll stop…  🙁

Well the first one was Marc IMed me.  Our conversation was peaceful and I really enjoyed listening/reading to what he had to talk/write about,   Thanks Marc, I enjoyed talking with you.

Next was Cirena and I cuddle on the sofa and I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday.  Which is Tuesday.  So we are doing something this weekend. And that something is Chinese food and a movie.

Um What else…  I fed the outside strays some french fries and rice…  Hey they left it in the cafeteria.  So I figured why waste it.  So the kitties had some human food tonight.  🙂

Mmm maybe it was three things that you stopped to appreciate…  IDK whatever…  Maybe it was both???  I remeber seeing the writing on the board, but the picture isn't clear in my head…

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  1. marc81980 12 years ago


    Thanks for putting me in your blog.

    I enjoyed our conversation as well. I wish my conversation with dad was this peaceful.

    Being that you work nights and she has work in the morning at least you can take advantage of the fact that her birthday is close to the weekend to celebrate it.


    That was nice of you. I hope you had something to eat though.

    Looks like you did well with your list.


    Take care,



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