So here’s the update… I thank everyone for all their support and their helpful tips and advice on my family’s present difficult situation. Since I have been repeatedly asked to keep people updated here’s where we sit. My Hubby has finally landed a new job freezing at the city dump sorting garbage. You should see the pic he took of his icicle frozen beard the other day…lol… well at least we can laugh about it. Unfortunately the withhold the first pay cheque for a long time and the will not see a full pay cheque until mid next month. It’s been very very cold here and the schools have been virtually closed so that has saved on the gas issue about getting the kids to school, for a bit. As for food, well we have no money for that but also some of you have pointed out there had to be help out there if you only looked for it. Well I looked. It’s not so easy to find but I did and the fridge is stocked and the kids are fed. Now for the bills that were to be cut of as of this very day. I avoided that by the very skin of my teeth. Unfortunately I have nothing worth pawning or selling (I did that the last time I was hard up) If you red one of my past blogs you will know I broke down an swallowed my pride and begged my selfish mother for a loan. A little help to keep things on until the money came in. She said no, of course, so humiliating my self even further… I shamed myself terribly and begged the new man she was dating. I don’t even know the guy…but he lent me the money and things are still on. I guess sometimes you really can depend on the kindness of strangers. Now as for the more immediate and most serious of all my problems. Where I will live. Our social programs here don’t works so good. First of all it takes over a month just to get an appointment, by then I’d be long homeless and living in tent city (Yes we actually have an entire section of downtown outside the shelters and soup kitchens where entire families live out of tents because the homeless situation got that bad.) And when you do finally get in to your appointment only 1 out of 4 actually qualify for assistance. And the that 1 then gets put on a waiting list that is 3-5 years long. As for our city officials, they don’t give a rats backside for anyone but their next pay hike. They wont see people let alone help. So here we sit 9 days away from being on the street and we have come up with most of the rent. We are at this moment begging and borrowing for the rest in hopes of coming up with it in the nick of time to save our butts in the next few days…only even if we can we will have spent all the money we did have and borrowed all the money we could get and we still wont be able to pay next months rent on time. His cheque wont come in on time and again we will be facing eviction. Even if we can save our necks we’ll be right back in the fire. It just never ends.


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