So I don\'t know what\'s going on with me recently but I have started to get frequent panic attacks in the last two days (The most it has been up till now was once a week)….However, yesterday I had 2-3 panic attacks and today I\'m going through one right now.

I was at home for the weekend and packed a few things (bathroom stuff, some clothes, my jewelry, medicine) in my rolling suitcase that i just got for Easter and love. I woke up early got all my stuff packed loaded up the car, let the dogs out, and let earlier than normal. I was really proud of myself.


Well, I just got back to school (I\'m moving out of my apartment for the summer on Friday) and realized I didn\'t pack my suitcase. I have stuff at my apartment to wear, travel size shampoo, and so I\'m not worried about that. I\'m freaking out having a panic attack because I was so sure I brought it and then realized it\'s not here. At first I thought I left it in the driveway and that someone was going to steal it. i talked to my brother at home and he said it\'s in the den and he\'ll put it in my room for me.

However, I\'m still freaking out because I don\'t have it even though I don\'t really need it. It kinda feels like a security blanket and I\'m missing it. I\'m really angry that it\'s not here and upset about it.  I know it\'s safe, no one can steal, i have stuff at my apartment so I\'ll be fine till I go back home, but it is not reassuring me. I still am freaking out but there\'s nothing I can do about it since i live 2 hours away. I don\'t know how to make my crazy brain stop panicing over this since there isn\'t a real problem (it\'s not like it\'s missing or anything so i shouldn\'t be freaking out). I\'m worried that this panic attack will calm down (and it has a lot already) but that it will still be there until I go home in 2 and a half days. 

I think a lot of it is my OCD because it\'s not here and it\'s suppose to be here and I can\'t do anything to change it. Like everything is not perfect now because my suitcase isn\'t here.

I keep trying to tell myself, I just get to practice living like a girl scout for a couple days because I have minimal stuff (I always pack way to much). I also tried to tell myself that this is just a challenge where i get to beat up my OCD and show it that I don\'t care that my suitcase isn\'t here, that he can freak me out, but that just makes me really mad at OCD and want to punch it lol!

Has anyone experience something similar? And does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to make my crazy stop freaking out this dumb suitcase?


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