I find it really sad that when me and family fight all they have to say is something about my panic disorder, like when my sister says that I'm a drama queen and that i over react when i panic. They like to say i have nothing wrong with me. When my older brother comes over he likes to comment on how me and my younger sister are doing the same school work and that i should go to school. It makes me angry and hurt knowing these people, the only people i have in the house to help me when I'm in need, don't believe my problems. It makes me feel unsafe. I remember when i first started getting panic attacks, id set my alarm clock at 7 am to make sure i was up to make sure my dad wouldn't leave the house. He was the only one who understood what i was going through, so when he would leave the house id feel alone and unsafe. i was a 13 year old baby who would scream and cry whenever my dad needed to go grocery shopping, or would need to go to the corner store for cigarettes. my councilor advised him and my mom to leave the house no matter how much i scream and cried, but it only made it worse.. when they would leave it only made me more angry and panic more. I remember that year when i was accepted for home schooling, they would make me go to the library instead of being taught at home, thinking that it would get me use to being out in public. Again, only made it worse. Its been a few years, i can go to the corner store now, only with my mom or boyfriend that is, but it seems even when I'm fine in public my mind reminds me about my condition and i randomly start panicking. When I'm sitting here alone thinking about my life i ball my eyes out because that 12 year old outgoing girl i use to be never expected things to suddenly turn around. It's not my fault my life is like this.. so why should it be ok for people to judge me on my life. It's not, i try to ignore peoples stupid comments but they just make me realize what i should work on.

  1. TammyD1972 8 years ago

    you are right,,
    people are unkind, and cruel and unfair, and this is even family you are speaking of,,,i dont get it myself.why people think we just make this stuff up for attention or affection or wth??…i have had family say all kinds of things to this nature, its ridiculous, but let one of them get some of this stuff one day,
    i just posted on my facebook this:
    Dont worry about walking a mile in my shoes, Just try thinking a day in my head

    and that is the truth!!! if these people knew how scary it is to feel that the worst possible thing imaginable was about to happen to everyone that they deeply loved at any minute for no good reason, just because,,,then they would know,,,that some days,,,every waking minute, you are doing everything you can just to be, just not to go crazy and just to be sane, and stay inside of your skin,,,then they would know and they would not dare say this stuff to you, or anyone else!

    i get it!!

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  2. brookelynzoo 8 years ago

    I think this is one of the most misunderstood disorders! People don\'t get it when they don\'t experience it and they can\'t even imagine. I try to make a point to tell my husband my symptoms when I\'m anxious because if I don\'t he just says \”anxious about what, I don\'t understand\”. Maybe you could print out some of the symptoms and effects and give them some information to shut them up? Good luck 🙂

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