sooooo this is my first time reserching anxiety. I dont suffer from it but my "boyfriend" does. I have been dating him for almost a year and frankly i didnt know how bad anxiety was before that. The first time he sufferd an attack in front of me i was shocked but i knew i had to act as if nothing was wrong to make him feal comfortable. One of our first dates we spend at the emergency room because he totally fliped out. And from that point on i got a little bit more comfortable with his anxiety. I try to help whenever i can by taking him to the doctor or re filling his medicine. Lately things have gotten a little more serious and we are just not conecting anymore and a big part of this is because of his anxiety. I really want to see him get off the drugs but it seems like he cant function with them and it really breaks my heart. I really love him and want to see him living his life a little more reproductive and i dont want him to feel scared, he's such a wonderful person.

I feel like a total bitch when i look back at our relationship and iam trying to understand how he feels i cant imagine what it feels like to feel scared. Its like were in different worlds, and he was once like me going hiking, hitting the beach, we couldnt even watch his favriote band ever because he got anxious at the show or at partys he starts feeling un easy. I have an active life style im always doing something and there are alot of people in my life. My boyfriend lives in clutter and when he is not working he is sleeping or gets stuck to the television, and doesnt like to go out much. I know that these are major signs of depression caused by his anxiety and meds. Our sex life has gotten to its lowest point and Iam always complaining about it( I hate myself for this so much because i know hes feeling way worse about it) before we would have sex at the most one a week and now its been months its like his medication doesnt allow him to feel????and i dont say this to any of my friends but tanxiety is ruining us. Iam a very chill person i spend alot of my days smoking weed and dont have problems functioning, i still go about my prioraties and scheduel, so with that said you could just imagine how different him and i are(lifestyle wise)

I know hes at one of his lowest points right now because hes even called days off from work because he feels too anxious to work. Seeing that he couldnt function is what truly made me want to seek help. Whatever he maybe, i love him and i want to see him get better, and i would like to hear from anyone who is or was sevierly anxious and what i could do to help him out, is there anyway to beat the drugs? can you be anxious and get off the medications? if so what are some steps?

  1. Sozinha 11 years ago

    at least you are trying to help and undersdand him…in my case my boyfriend doesn't give a shit about me..  🙁 I feel so lonely..  🙁

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  2. toastee 11 years ago

    counseling helps a lot, and you can get off drugs (not everyone is like taht though)  no psychiatrist counseling because all they push is drugs now instead of counseling.

    You sound understanding.. the best advice I can give is "If you want to understand someone and what they are going thru, you come at them from THEIR reality, and not your own."

    I can go on and on with negative thoughts and such… check out the books "When Panic attacks" and"Tthe anxiety and phobia workbook".  these are excellent books to teach you what this is about, how to understand it.  How to get him to understand himself, and maybe help him cope.

    Hang in there, not all of us are on the drugs, and we are functioning.  Hey this is a good place for him to come too to commeserate if you will…

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